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Privacy Policy

We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. This Personal Data Protection Notice (“Notice”) informs you how we use your personal data based on the following guiding principles:

We use your personal data to provide you postal, courier and other transactional services which you request from YUNDA Express Sdn Bhd.
We give you some control over the personal data we hold about you, including who is allowed to see it and how it is used.

We will not utilize your personal data to reach you for direct marketing purpose without your assent. We will take sensible consideration to defend your personal data through security approaches.

The way we gather your personal data

We gather and collect personal data from you directly when you use any of our services, and website(s) or when you deal with us physically. This includes information that you provide:

  1. At the point when you demand any services or inquiries from us;
  2. At the point when you have a transaction or contract with us;
  3. At the point when you fill in any consignment note or manual forms and submit them to us;
  4. At the point when you reach out to us via phone, through email, through our website(s) or genuinely;
  5. At the point When you take part in our customer surveys, giveaways and prize redemption;
  6. At the point when you visit our services point; or
  7. From correspondence, you send us comments via social media or manual forms.
Purpose of Personal Data Collection:

Personal data that YUNDA Express Sdn. Bhd. require may differ according to your needs. Therefore, the main purpose to collect your personal data is to provide more comprehensive and high-quality services

To verify your identity and to limit the risk of unauthorized access to your personal data when you provide it to us;

To set up any measurements or investigation or interior reports for statistical surveying purposes;

To enhance and improve your experience with us for the most part. When you indicate your preferences by filling in our forms, through your use of our website or when you contact or deal with us directly, we will use this personal data and information to customize our needs
and administrations to more readily address your issues;

To provide you with information or notifications about services we believe would be of interest to you or would bear some significance with you.

To keep your own information get and limit the danger of unapproved admittance to your own information by utilizing a portion of your own information to confirm your distinguish when you utilize our website and front desk customer service;

To ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.