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Cross-border Trucking

Forging the Path to Seamless Global Logistics


Welcome to the realm where logistics excellence meets the road – YUNDA Express introduces you to the world of cross-border trucking, where innovation in transportation paves the way for unparalleled cross-border trade. In the intricate web of global commerce, the heartbeat of success lies in the fluid coordination of sourcing, procurement, transportation, warehousing, and strategic coordination. Enter cross-border trucking – the vital conduit that propels the smooth flow of goods and services across international borders, creating efficiency that resonates with businesses worldwide.

As the digital economy’s eminence grows, cross-border e-commerce and logistics forge a symbiotic relationship, jointly propelling sustainable growth. Amid this dynamic landscape, business owners and traders often encounter unique challenges while venturing into new or existing markets:

Navigating Custom Regulations and Tariffs

Culture Shock, Including Language Barriers

Optimizing Transportation Infrastructure

Negotiating Political Instabilities

Taming the Tides of Currency Fluctuations

Mastering Lead Time Efficiency from First Mile to Last Mile

In this complex dance, the choice of a fitting cross-border logistics mode lays the cornerstone for e-commerce enterprises to achieve sustained success. Cross-border trucking emerges as a gateway of new possibilities, expanding business horizons, and customer reach through seamless, one-stop solutions. It stands as a catalyst, enabling businesses to conquer challenges and amplify revenues.

Where Do Our Routes Converge?

• Singapore-Malaysia Border
– Since 2019, YUNDA Express has been forging paths with a fleet of over 700 trucks annually.

• Thailand-Malaysia Border
– From 2022 onwards, our trucking service has united these nations through seamless connectivity.

Unveiling Our Array of Services:

• Full Truckload (FTL)
– Available in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand
– Curtain-Side Trailers, Box Trucks, Open Decks, Double Deckers

• Less Than Truckload (LTL)
– Available in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand
– Consolidation Services

• Cold Chain
– Available in Thailand
– Box Trailers for Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

• E-Parcel
– Accessible in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand

What Sets Our Cross-Border Trucking Apart?

Cross-border trucking is the linchpin connecting you to a supplier that boasts multimodal capacity, end-to-end visibility, and an astute grasp of compliance intricacies. Amidst ever-evolving compliance landscapes, we shoulder your burdens, trimming time and costs while meeting burgeoning freight demands. Our path is aligned with the most comprehensive set of cross-border services across Southeast Asia, seamlessly interwoven, ensuring your cargo arrives on schedule and in full perfection with every new consignment.

Reach out to us today and explore how YUNDA Express propels your business to the zenith of cross-border logistics supremacy!