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About Us

YUNDA Express:
Pioneering Logistics Excellence

Embark on a remarkable journey with YUNDA Express, a distinguished global force in the realm of logistics and supply chain solutions. Our name resonates as a beacon of innovation, where the art of logistics seamlessly converges with cutting-edge ideas, and connections flourish without limits. Rooted in our resolute determination, we are dedicated to transcending geographical boundaries, uniting people and commodities through sustainable, efficient, and avant-garde logistics solutions. Our unwavering focus centers on meeting the distinctive demands of niche markets, demonstrating unparalleled efficiency at every step.

Since our inception in August 2017, we have consistently exceeded expectations, passionately tailoring our services to cater to the unique requirements of our valued clientele. A legacy of reliability and excellence now defines our journey. At YUNDA Express, we orchestrate a harmonious synergy of air, sea, and cross-border road transport, facilitating frictionless freight forwarding that defies borders. Our multifaceted approach is enhanced by strategic alliances and the synergy of resources, as we invest generously in partnerships with industry leaders, amplifying our capabilities to deliver logistics solutions that stand as unrivalled benchmarks.

Pioneers of progress, we continually lead the charge of change, embracing advanced infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology. These strategic investments empower us to incessantly refine and elevate our services, ensuring that operational finesse and unwavering customer satisfaction remain at the epicenter of our mission.
Fuelling our ambitions, 2022 witnessed the birth of “BoltX,” a cornerstone initiative paving the path for expansion into Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and Vietnam in 2023. Our global aspirations know no bounds as we embark on a journey that spans across horizons.

We recognize the potency of unity and have harnessed it through strategic partnerships with industry leaders. Together, we sculpt a powerful alliance that harmonizes logistics synergies, amplifying our service offerings to unprecedented levels. Even amidst the challenges of the pandemic in 2021, our resilience shone brightly. We rose to the occasion, unveiling the state-of-the-art cold-chain logistics solution, “Meow,” during Malaysia’s MCO period.
At YUNDA Express, each dawn brings an opportunity to exceed expectations and redefine industry norms. Challenges ignite our spirit, and with a visionary outlook, we anticipate the evolving contours of global trade. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we foster partnerships that not only elevate businesses but also nurture thriving communities, alleviating logistical concerns. Our distinction lies in our fervour to revolutionize the logistics panorama. Fuelled by innovation, technology, and an insatiable pursuit of perfection, we stand fortified by a team of world-class experts, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and an expansive global network. Our path blazes a trail towards a future where supply chains seamlessly interlace with efficiency and effectiveness.

Experience the extraordinary prowess of YUNDA Express, where logistics ascend through visionary solutions deeply rooted in our core values. Our integrity acts as an unwavering anchor, safeguarding our clients’ needs, while our service ethos, consistently warm and dependable, accompanies your parcels across terrains and waters. Our comprehensive solution empowers clients to access professional, adaptable, cost-effective, and top-tier customized logistics services.

We invite you to unite with us on this transformative voyage as we ascend to the pinnacle of becoming an international emblem of logistics excellence. Collectively, we shape the world of logistics, transcending confines and uniting the globe. With every shipment, a connection is forged, and with every delivery, we uphold a promise.

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YUNDA Express:

We deliver smiles to the last mile.